Pasta Clock

Pasta Clock: take your time

From today on, your pasta will always be perfectly cooked.

Pasta Clock is an application calculating the cooking time of your pasta. Its database contains more than 2000 kinds of pasta of 30 different brands, with each cooking time connected. Choose the pasta you’re cooking and start the timer: an alarm will warn you when the pasta is ready to be strained. Pasta Clock allows you to customize your personal cooking time. Pasta Clock application is optimized for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Devices without iPhone OS4 don’t receive notifications in the background: for a proper operation keep the application always open.

Open Pasta Clock app and waiting until the clock show you the right time. Now you can choose te timer, the kind of pasta you want cook and add this pasta to favourites.

Change the time of timer with your finger and personalize yor cooking time.

Search wich kind of pasta you have to cook.

Start the timer or personalize your cooking time for this kind of pasta.

Add to favorites your pasta.